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Single Phase polycarbonate meter boxes

We have a very vast experience in manufacturing of Single Phase Polycarbonate Meter Boxes. Our Polycarbonate Meter boxes range includes: Single Phase Meter Box, Three Phase Meter Box.
Single Phase Polycarbonate Meter Boxes of high quality and have been supplying to various power distribution companies and electrical utilities across India. We Manufacture Single Phase polycarbonate meter boxes, which meets the technical specifications of almost all the state govt vidyut vitran companies across India.
Single Phase Polycarbonate Meter Boxes manufacturer in India


* Shockproofs and rustproofs
* Rot-proof and termite resistant
* Cable entry from bottom and/or sides
* 100% weatherproof
* Pole mounting / Wall mounting arrangement
* Tamper proof
* Pilferage proof
* Restricts unauthorised tapping
* Maintenance-free
* Fire retardant – Class FV-0
* High heat distortion temperature
* Wide range is available as per technical specification of various Indian State Govt. Power Distribution Companies.
* Approved in various projects like DDGUVY/RAPDRP/IPDS across India.